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Footed Microfiber (Strong and Soft) Tights in Light/Ballet Pink

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BEST QUALITY MICROFIBER ballet tights footed in light pink - ballet pink.
Matches well with all leotards and ballet shoes.

Available sizes:
3       years (length tights: 45cm/18.9 inch)
4/5    years (length tights:
50cm/19.8 inch)
6/7    years (length tights: 55cm/21.9 inch)
8/9    years (length tights: 60cm/23.7 inch)
10/11 years (length tights: 65cm/25.6 inch)
12/13 years (length tights: 70cm/27.6 inch)
14/15 years (length tights: 75cm/29.5 inch)

SMALL   (length tights: 80cm = 31.5 inch)
MEDIUM (length tights: 85cm = 33.5 inch)
LARGE   (length tights: 90cm = 35.5 inch)

Dancer Dancewear