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Dance Skirt | Ballet | Cross Over | Black | 'Symfonia'

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Ballet Skirt for adults and children "Symfonia" in black

Discover the elegance of our ballet skirt, a delightful addition to both adult and children's dance attire. Experience the grace and lightweight feel of this beautifully designed skirt. Fastening this exquisite wrap skirt is effortless with its discreet dual fasteners. Crafted from luxurious chiffon fabric, our ballet skirts by Dancer Dancewear offer unparalleled comfort and durability, guaranteeing long-lasting performance despite the delicate nature of the material.

A ballet skirt is a versatile addition to any ballet ensemble. Pairing a separate ballet skirt with a leotard allows for easy customization and offers dancers the flexibility to create various looks. Our "Symfonia" ballet skirt perfectly complements any leotard.

The sheer chiffon fabric of the skirt lends an ethereal quality to your dance movements, creating a captivating visual effect on stage or in the studio.

Available in timeless black, the "Symfonia" ballet skirt exudes elegance and sophistication, making it a staple piece in any dancer's wardrobe. Whether you're performing on stage or practicing in the studio, this skirt will beautifully enhance your ballet attire.

Each ballet skirt is thoughtfully designed with comfort and flexibility in mind. The adjustable fasteners ensure a secure fit around the waist, allowing for freedom of movement without compromising style. The sheer chiffon fabric delicately drapes over the dancer's body, creating a flattering silhouette and adding a touch of elegance to every dance routine.

For our younger dancers, we offer a range of sizes to accommodate their needs. The adjustable fasteners make it easy to find the perfect fit, ensuring optimal comfort and freedom of movement during rehearsals and performances.

• Skirt: 100% polyester chiffon
• Waist: 86% cotton, 14% spandex
• Cross over model

Sizes available:
Size 6/8      (EU Size 104/116)
Size 8/10    (EU Size 116/128)
Size 10/12  (EU Size 128/140)
Size 12/14  (EU Size 140/152)

Size S/M  (EU Size 34/36)
Size M/L  (EU Size 36/38)
Size L/XL (EU Size 40/42)

Enhance your dancewear collection with our beloved "Symfonia" Ballet Skirt. Contact us today to discuss wholesale opportunities and offer your customers this must-have ballet accessory. Elevate your dance performances with the grace and elegance of the "Symfonia" Ballet Skirt from Dancer Dancewear.

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